Monday, September 14, 2015

Nighthawk 15-16.08.2015, Asker, Norway

Last control,
some teams lost places just
 to slow down for punching - emit touch free
I want to mention the fact that every year is more fun and pleasure for me to run for Tume team! You may say, if there are strong runners, there will be definitely a good result. It is so, but still the race and a result depends on the overall atmosphere in team, how we all can cooperate. You must have will to run for the team, for your club! :) On the one hand the coach is responsible for everything that is happening, but there are things that he can not manage or control - those things happen on their own and is managed by the same athletes. I am delighted that we, club mates, come from so many countries and are joined in Tume club! This leads to friendship, unity and the willpower to run for the team! In this context, I want to say thank you to Sami for letting us stay in Sandvika apartment for 2 nights!

Yes, Tume ran well - 5th place! However, internally we felt that we could run in 3rd place. When I remember, what Antti said after the finish flow of emotions, I conclude, that there are things that must be adjusted - tactical action running together. Because, as I saw it myself at the finish, there was running 3rd, 4th place and then after some 100m (+ 22sek) Antti. This made think, that all these athletes should had met together in the woods? Why Antti was not closer? At the beginning there was a little bit frustration, because we all wanted 3rd palce, we were so close, we hoped for a dynamic battle at the finish. But after just one minute followed by a gratifying because all together we showed a high quality result.

TuMe team, some guys were running twice:
  1. Antti 3.rd
  2. Martins GPS
  3. Gleb 3.rd
  4. Esa GPS
  5. Yannick GPS
  6. Scott GPS
  7. Martins GPS
  8. Antti GPS +12:35min to first place and +0:27sek to 3rd place.
Thank you Juha for mental support! - Next time running in some relays with us ;)

Results. Results per leg.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Feel like a podium! 4th place, Smalandskavlen 2014

TuMe team1
You always want to get higher on result desk! Maybe I need more to mention to others - TuMe is back! :)
What a feelings, hope every team mate, also new ones are mentally with us!

Thank you Juha for organization!

Martin's route 3rd leg.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

TuMe is coming!

TuMe team in 10mila 2004
Many felt so far that Tume is a bit stuck in high-quality results. Already a few years, even online, we are disappiering from commentaters voice. I was suprised, but no wonder people are concentrating for top 3 or just for 1st place. Interesting I wonder what will be just around the upcoming 2015 season .. However, the choice has been made for a number of high-end athletes. I have known at least five athletes will add this club line and thus the competition will be at a higher level. Some of the athletes - Scott Fraser, Yannick Michiels .. I hope all tume now begun to rustle, and thoughts have already been a great impetus to want to blow up the result desk with competitive result..
See you in Smalandskavlen 24-26.10.2014
New TuMe season starts on 26.11 near Paimio, Jukola terrain is waiting.

Result list 2004, 10mila

Can we repeat history or get higher?

Some memories Night Hawk 2013: